for any pet owner/guardian (any age, income, or home address), there are subsidized (low-cost) spay/neuter & vaccine clinics throughout Riverside County – including …   

  1. Southwest Riverside County,
    • West Riv. County/City Clinic, Riverside (951-358-7387) or www.rcdas.org – “fix me”
    • Mary S. Roberts Spay/Neuter Clinic, Riverside (951-977-8634)
    • Moreno Valley Animal Clinic (951-413-3780) 
    • Town & Country, Riverside (951-682-3803) feral cat friendly
    • Pedley Square Vet Clinic (951-685-3331)
  2. Lake Elsinore area – Animal Friends of the Valleys (951-674-7729)
  3. Hemet/San Jacinto area,
    • Ramona Humane Society Clinic – (951-654-3110)
    • Riverside County Animal Campus, www.rcdas.org, “fix me” - or – (951-791-3720)
  4. Coachella Valley area,
    • Animal Samaritans SPCA, Thousand Palms (760-343-3477, Ext. 3)
    • Animal Action League spaymobile, (English - 760-366-1100), (Spanish – 760-366-1105)
    • Save-A-Pet, Desert Hot Springs, (760-329-8510)
  5. Menifee – Menifee (Low Cost) Spay/Neuter Clinic, (951-679-7370)


for ANY "low/limited income" pet owner/guardian (disabled, unemployed, receiving assistance, etc.) these non-profits  make modest payments to participating vets for your dog/cat surgery, thereby reducing your cost to fix your pet.   Call AFTER you make appt. – or - they can recommend a vet in your area if needed.

  1. Actors & Others, 818-755-6045, Mon-Fri, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.; if get a busy signal, hang-up & redial quickly to get through.   Say you’re calling for financial help to fix your pet(s); & you’re NOT ELIGIBLE for a voucher because there is no program in your area; & you got the referral info through POPCO’s website
    1. Exception – Moreno Valley Clinic does not accept pledges from organizations. 


  1. Pet Assistance Foundation, (951-845-1513) voicemail answered by BARC; leave your name and phone #, repeat your phone #, and a volunteer will call you back. 
    1. Exceptions – Pet Assistance pledges only to Town & Country Vet Clinic, Mary S. Roberts Spay/Neuter Clinic, or Ramona Humane Society Clinic


for Riverside County citizens age 65+ whose individual income does not exceed $1,500/month,

the "Herdina Fund" may help (when funds are available) for spay/neuter, vaccines, other vet med

Depending on where Senior pet owner/guardian lives, call one of the following for info:

  1. Coachella Valley, Salton Sea, Upper Desert (29 Palms, Yucca Valley …) 760-343-3506 (Michelle)
  2. Hemet/San Jacinto area – call 951-654-8002, Ext. 226 (John or Dolores)
  3. Riverside (City of Riverside) – call 909-386-1400, Ext. 239, or Ext. 241
  4. Southwest Riverside County - Lake Elsinore, Temecula Valley, … – call 951-471-8344 (Kathy)


Page updated 8/18/14