Mission Statement

Mission Statement: We serve the citizens and animals of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties through referrals to “affordable” spay/neuter resources to humanely and responsibly reduce pet overpopulation.
We serve as advisors to community leaders seeking improved spay/neuter availability.

These suggested spay/neuter options do not cover animals being adopted or fostered from shelters, rescues, nor any pet-adoption “program.”  California law requires those agencies / programs to provide for spay/neuter of all animals they place.  (F&A 30503, 31751, etc.)

For residents of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties,
to get financial help to fix your dogs and cats:

NoteKnown spay/neuter financial help options are displayed by selecting the link below:

:: Spay/neuter financial help   …




POPCO Toll-Free Voicemail Helpline – 1-888-767-2550

  • A volunteer will return your call within 3 business days. 

POPCO e-mail – info@popco-inc.org
E-mail your information (below.)  A volunteer will reply within 1 business day:

  • Owner -  your full name, phone # with area code, residence address, & mailing address if different - and
  • Pet – (for up to 6 personal pets) …  each animal’s name, dog or cat, male or female, color of fur, age, dog breed or mix, and for cats … short, medium or long hair.

Ex.:  Fluffy, cat, female, black stripe, 3 months, short hair
Marcus, dog, male, black & brown, 1 yr., Chih. Mix

Note: Please Copy & Paste our email address
into your email service to send us an inquiry.

Note: Hotmail Users, please add us to your safe senders so our reply to you is not blocked and we are able to respond to your email inquiries.


Update 4/17/19:  S.B. County Animal Care & Control Vouchers 
If any pet owner from your home address (“unincorporated” communities) has received 6 or more vouchers, no additional voucher will be issued.  If unsure, or never had vouchers, please e-mail your order to POPCO.  Also, no voucher for spay/neuter of feral cats will be issued.


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